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*Elings has changed their closing time, it's now open until 7:00pm. More time to fly! (3/26/21)

* Lake Cachuma Float Fly is on the the 23-25th of April. We had to move it from the earlier date due to conflicts.(3/26/21)

* If flying at Elings you need a 2021 RC AIR badge from the Park. (1/3/21)

* Be sure to check out the latest March 2021 Newsletter under the "Our Club" tab. (2/28/21)

FAA Releases Final Remote ID Rules

AAfter a year of waiting for the FAA to review some 53,000 comments regarding their “Proposed” rules governing our hobby, yesterday they released a 470 page “Final Rules for Remote ID”.

This morning I sat in on an AMA Leadership Roundtable Conference to learn what these new rules may mean for our Club.  While much remains to fully understand the details here are my initial comments and thoughts from what I can see:

1.  Given the onerous proposed rules laid out, we, the SBRCM club will likely not see any material changes in our flight operations at Elings. And I believe this holds true for both the Ventura Comets and Tri Valley Modelers in Santa Maria clubs. 

2. However, we will need to get our flying site registered as a FRIA (Federally Recognized Identification Area), through AMA with the FAA. We have until September 2022 to complete the process.

3. We will need to have each pilot registered with the FAA as many of us already have.  It’s $5 for three years and the number is to be shown on the aircraft.

4. Nothing is to happen overnight as it appears that these changes are to happen over a 30-month timetable.

If you fly at a non-Fixed Site (e.g. out in someone’s pasture), there are more significant and costly adjustments you will have to follow. These are, in part, installing a transponder in your aircraft, registering the airborne device and the controller. Down the road, model airplane manufacturers will be required to install a transponder when selling an aircraft.

Overall, I believe the 53K comments and the presence of AMA has done what some had said was highly improbable-we changed a crazy set of regulations into something that we can live with.

Bill Hallier, President  12/30/20


With restrictions hopefully lifted sometime in 2021 we are again planning on float fly's at Lake Cachuma, Fun Fly's at Elings and face to face general meetings at the SB Airport. (1/16/21)


    The enlarged Elings Park runway is now big enough for almost everyone to land on! (5-28-20)

At this time, the COVID-19 issues continues in California. However flying at Elings is up to your discretion. It's outside, and by maintaining the 6 feet separation, wearing masks, and hand cleanliness, flying is your choice. Now is a good time to get out that plane may require a bit of tender loving care or start a build of a new plane for the summer..... Let's call it "Shelter in the Shop".(7/22/20)

General Business Meetings

Meetings are held at 6:30PM, the first Thursday of even-numbered months at 45 Hartley Place, Goleta, CA 93117 (adjacent to the Santa Barbara Airport). Any member or guest may attend. Our December meeting is usually a banquet at Harry’s Plaza.

Elings Park Flying

The South Elings Park field is open from 7AM to 5 PM. Most flyers come Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:15AM.   Evening flying starts about 5:00pm until closing. Our runway is just below where the paragliders land. Access is the unmarked south entrance to Elings Park.  From the Cliff/Las Positas traffic circle, the entrance is .1 mile east on Cliff on the north side.

Learn to Fly

At our morning flying activity at Elings, we demonstrate and teach RC airplanes to adults and youth.   We can give you suggestions on buying, flying, and maintaining an airplane.  We also can let you experience flying a model airplane. We use our airplane and our two transmitters, one for you and one for the instructor.  We give you control and take it back if you have difficulty. Introductory lesson is free.  After the introductory session,  an Elings Park membership is required. Contact us for information and to make a reservation at the field.

Float Flying

We fly airplanes on Lake Cachuma, Mohawk Shores several times a year.  Dates for 2021 have been selected and are  confirmed and are published on the club calendar. Contact us for information and questions.



Turbine Operation

KBDI for Sarasota County

Click Here for Turbine Aircraft Fire Safety Rules and Myakka River District Map

Click here to visit the Florida Forest Service KBDI website